What is Chai Tea ?

The word “chai” is the Hindi word for “tea,” which derived from “cha,” the Chinese word for tea. Chai can also be referred to as “masala chai” or “spiced chai” since “chai tea” translates to “tea tea.” The term for chai is a mixture of spices or “masala” steeped into a hot tea beverage. Chai, is one of tea’s most popular blends and can be found at most grocery stores or coffee shops. Chai has varied recipes depending on the taste preference. Spices, such as cardamom and cinnamon, are often combined as the base with the addition of milk and sugar to off-set the spicy flavor. Even though these flavors represent the fall and winter seasons, the versatility it brings as a hot or iced beverage allows it to be enjoyed all year round.

How to prepare Chai Tea ?

A Chai concentrate is usually on the stronger side. Your first step in preparing this tea is to mix the tea leaves in water, have the leaves sit overnight in the refrigerator and then strain the leaves. Once you have the concentrate, simply mix one part tea and one part water or dairy to dilute. If you have a sweet tooth add a sweetener like sugar, or vanilla syrup. It’s really that easy to make a Chai concentrate for a refreshing iced Chai beverage.


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